Enough to ride in pain

Even with a growing number of cycling women is no wonder that many stores do not even have on their shelves, a larger number of female saddles.

Women’s saddles are usually different from men because they are usually softer, wider and has a different format, designed to accommodate improves the female anatomy.

Although we have some basic recommendations related to the saddles, we approach in a video MTB school , the choice of saddle is a personal choice and especially in the case of female saddles there is a definite choice.

The main point of saddles is to offer comfort, since the saddles are made ​​to be seated, and depending on the type of the cyclist will be used for long periods of time ..

the width of the saddle should be sufficient to accommodate the hip bones and soft tissues do not press. Generally female saddles have a cutout (a bulged section) in the middle of the saddle in order to reduce the amount of pressure on the sensitive areas, but the size and the shape of the cut tends to vary quite a bit.

Sometimes choose ideal saddle requires patience and experimentation; and it is because of this that many bike shops today offer demo saddles for customers to prove the saddles before buying them. Even when we have the chance to test the seat, it may take a few KMs (or some pedaling to get used to the new saddle).

What to look for when choosing a female saddle?

The most obvious difference between the male and womanly saddles is the format and location of foam. And like it or not some brands will add pinks, lilac or floral motifs to the look of the saddle.

Another point to note is the saddles difference between different cycling modes of road, walking, triathlon / time trial, Mountain Bike …


Today most of the materials used in synthetic saddles is, although it is still possible to find some brands that use leather in their construction. Try to choose a cover that is both soft and tough. Since sports such as MTB usually involve some drops and a more resistant material in this case it would help.

Format indentations

Most female saddles have some sort of depression or indentation in the center of the seat to reduce pressure on sensitive areas of women. Remember that every body is unique and here too it is experimentation.

Another important point to choose is think about how you sit on the saddle. If you support more in the hip bones, you may not need as soft saddle and so central depression, but if you prefer to lean a little forward, you need a more padded saddle and some depression in its format. Too wide or too padded saddles can also hurt.

Essse Bontrager saddle has the typical female saddle format.

Essse Bontrager saddle has the typical female saddle format.

General tips

Always try to try the saddle before buying.

Check with the merchant the ability to return the seat if you do not adapt.

Brands like Fizik saddles provide for some retailers showcase for the athletes to ride with certain saddles abes to buy them.

All the factors mentioned above make a difference in comfort, but the main point is good regulate. Even if you get a top seat if it is too high or uneven you can still hurt, look for a bike fitter experienced (and preferably to pedal!).

Buy shorts with a good lining. A good bermuda involves a quality fabric and a lining format, size and density that enhance comfort pedaling.

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