How to lose weight having fun

Losing weight is not always an easy thing, some people can lose weight easily, but others can not lose weight as easily, and these variations occur by several factors. As an example, the known genetic factors.

An example of these genetic factors is the tendency to gain weight, although many feel that it is a myth, know that it is not. For some type of family and consequently genetic disorder, the person tends to not lose weight easily.

Another example of genetic disorders is poor metabolic function, this malfunction is nothing more than a considerable slowdown of metabolism. Once the slow metabolism, the person inevitably will not lose weight easily.

To assist in weight loss, it is best to feed properly. Besides food, the ideal is to practice physical activities, but many people ignore the exercise, either through laziness or the monotonous aspect thereof.

But know that there are ways and ways to lose weight having fun, then we will be showing some physical exercises and activities that provide pleasure, and at the same time effective weight loss. Look perform them for at least 1 hour if your time is short, just 30 minutes.

Lose weight having fun

Bike riding: cycling is an activity that is good for the brain, since it provides a well-being notorious. A quick turn in the neighborhood can provide loss 300-650 calories. Ideally, do this activity with a family, thus the practice tends to be more dynamic and less monotonous.

Play Volleyball: A very popular and very fun sport, volleyball is the second most revered sport in Brazil. On average 30 minutes eliminates 250-400 calories, it all depends on the intensity and speed of the game.

Playing football: The most popular sport in the world could not be left out of this list, football provides moments of pleasure, since it is literally dynamic and fun. On average this sport helps eliminate the tune of 700 calories per hour.

Dancing: Dancing relieves stress, causes moments of pleasure and helps you lose weight. The music for example, is a Saint remedy for depression, as slimming 1 hour dance can eliminate 500-750 calories, the amount of calories may vary in intensity and type of dance.

dance and weight loss

Dancing can be an alternative to lose weight!

Swimming: Another prazerosíssima activity is swimming, the person that nothing can eliminate an average of 500 calories.

Note that you can make daily changes, for example, now you do swimming, tomorrow you play football, then goes biking. This variation is ideal so there is no monotony in the practice of such activities, if a physical activity is practiced every day repetitively, the practice tends to be boring.


If you have a sedentary history, see a doctor before starting to perform any of the activities stated above. After performing an electrocardiogram, and found that you are able to perform the exercise, it’s time to start.

It is worth noting however that only the exercises will not take effect if you keep a disorderly power, the ideal is to maintain a good diet and practice exercise. If you are not adept with a diet, try to adopt a convenient to its weight.

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