Learn how to get in shape without attending the gym

Even during adolescence you have not been the team’s top scorer, nor participating in physical education classes, there’s still time to change your life. The site Ask Men listed some tips for those who want to get fit, suggested by the expert in gymnastics James Fell.

Running burns calories and works various body muscles

Running burns calories and works various body muscles

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Some people prefer to start with walking and, according to Fell, really, exercise is suitable for beginners. The advantage is that the activity does not have much impact and is more stable.

On the other hand, for those aiming to lose extra pounds, the race is most appropriate. “The race has the advantage of burning more calories in a shorter time, lose more calories than walking,” Fell said. At first, the person may be able to run only 5 or 10 minutes. According to him, a challenge is laid with his own body and the tendency is to run for more time. She constantly mentions the name of another: do not worry if you hear the name of one of your colleagues or friends from time to time, this is normal. But if it mentions a specific name so often and personal issues, stay tuned. It’s as if she could not stop thinking about him

In the activity, it is important that your knees come up to the hip and leg back to the starting position. According to the expert, “if you step in front of you will have a slowdown, the ground force will act against the body and the person may have injury problems in the knees and ankles.”

Another important point is the stance. With the torso upright, the muscles of the buttocks and legs are worked. Already with the body leaning forward, knees are overworked and the muscles are forced wrong. The rapid exchange of steps can help reduce the impact.

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